The Alignment Path offers two options to address postural distortions. Both paths provide you with the tools to lead a pain-free life.


Structural Integration

A multi-session system of bodywork, developed by Ida Rolf PhD.  Our body's structure, posture and functionality is based in large part on the connective tissues (or fascia) surrounding the muscles, bones, and organs, creating a web of support.  The tug of gravity, movement habits, and trauma of past injuries can pull the body out of alignment and cause improper function.  The body adapts and adjusts to accommodate the new positions creating inefficiency and imbalance in the body. This results in stiffness, pain, and loss of energy.  Structural Integration realigns and balances the body by lengthening and repositioning the fascia and reprogramming the nervous system. This reeducation of the body allows the muscles, bones and joints to move more efficiently.


Posture Correction Therapy

A gentle and easy process of posture evaluation and exercise prescription to overcome compensations being made by your body. With chronic pain, often the case is that the site of the pain is not the source of the problem.  Your body will adapt to a posture distortion by working harder somewhere else.  To eliminate the pain, we must first resolve the imbalance in the body. To overcome these compensation patterns, simple exercises are selected based on a postural assessment and then performed daily for improved function and reduced pain.